History of ECHEMS

ECHEMS is a young international organization aimed at promoting the use and development of electrochemistry as a powerful tool to study scientific problems in hot areas of current research. It was established in Spring 2004 as a fusion of the previous EUCHEM of Electrochemistry and the Sandbjerg Meetings of Organic Electrochemistry. The ECHEMS Meetings will follow mostly the tradition of the latter meetings, i.e., to gather a mixture of young and more experienced scientists, for 3-4 days, in an informal and friendly atmo-sphere to present and discuss the results of their works. The ECHEMS Meetings will be held annually, usually at the end of June, and the main topic will be changed every year. In fact, the title of the meeting will be: "Electrochemistry in ........ (specific topic)" Because of this aspect, we plan to invite well-known lecturers (not necessarily electrochemists) to introduce some of the most relevant achievements and current challenges of the selected topic. Their goal shall be to trigger interests and new ideas for future electrochemical researches in those areas.

The 1st ECHEMS meeting was held in June 2005 in Venice, Italy, on the small island Isola di San Servolo. The meeting was organized by Prof. Flavio Maran and Doc. Sabrina Antonello and the title was "Electrochemistry in Nanosciences".